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Established in 2012

Welcome to Mackenzie Hi Fi. We are a consultant specialist retailer of audiophile equipment, high end hi-fi cables and accessories. With over 30 years of systems solution experience, we offer a high quality selection of products to choose from along with comprehensive and relaxing demonstration facilities, accompanied with friendly service and expert advice.

We are an authorised dealer for all the products we sell. Our goal is to work with you to create a Hi Fi system that provides you with both musical enjoyment and long term satisfaction.

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  • Exemplary Build Quality

    As ever, with Atacama, the product build quality is exemplary. I have been using others of their products for close to thirty years and have never failed to be impressed by their quality and sonic performance.

    Neil Kirk / 18th Feb 2024

  • Highly Recommend

    Very easy to apply. The improvements to the sonics of CD and SACD is immediate. Notably the performance of any form of vocal performance is quite striking and very appealing. Highly recommended.

    Michael Brown / 18th Feb 2024

  • Puritan Ultimate Power Cable

    Outstanding price quality ratio. In my setup powering either Audio Analogue AA DAC or Gustard R26 R2R DAC, resulting in excellent sonic results. Almost perfect musicality. Power cables costing a multiple amount.

    Bernhard Sauser / 08th May 2023

  • Function

    Stuart is the most helpful and friendly person I have dealt with in this industry. Honest and very professional. The Puritan is what I hoped it would be. I highly recommend doing business with Stuart and MacKenzie HiFi.

    B Raleigh / 09th May 2022