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Welcome to Mackenzie Hi Fi. We are a consultant specialist retailer of audiophile equipment, high end hi-fi cables and accessories. With over 30 years of systems solution experience, we offer a high quality selection of products to choose from along with comprehensive and relaxing demonstration facilities, accompanied with friendly service and expert advice. In Addition, we are a British company and very proud to fly our flag.

We are an authorised dealer for all the products we sell. Our goal is to work with you to create a Hi Fi system that provides you with both musical enjoyment and long term satisfaction.

Our portfolio of component brands has been selected based on their impressive cost to performace ratio and exeptional sound quality. Brands incl: Innuos, Lampizator, Kuzma, Bel Canto, Belles, hORNS, Ophidian Audio, Music First Audio, Network Acoustics.

We are proud to represent artisan cable companies that hand manufacture cables based on the science of sound, using the best materials and have a dedication to providing products of exceptional quality. Brands incl: Purist Audio Design, VooDoo Audio & Snake River Audio.

Should you require a demonstration, please contact Stuart on 07905 362545 to arrange an appointment, if you need system advice please contact the above or e mail info@mackenziehifi.com


Special Offers

Innuos PULSAR Network Player + USB Reclocker
Innuos PULSE Network Player
Innuos ZEN MK3 Music Server/Streamer
Innuos ZENith MK3 Music Server/Streamer
Network Acoustics ENO Streaming System
Network Acoustics Muon PRO Streaming System
Puritan  Audio Labs PSM156 Master Mains Purifier
Puritan Audio Labs PSM136 Master Mains Purifier