We are a consultant dealer of high end cables, audiophile components and accessories. We are based in Staffordshire and have over 25 years of audiophile experience. We are an authorised dealer for all of the products we sell. Our business philosophy is to enable our customers to achieve enhanced musical satisfaction by creating synergy between components, cables, accessories and the often forgotten element, the environment. With the application of our philosophy to all areas of your system, the resultant sound has to be heard to be believed.


                      Our key process is outlined in brief below:

Stage 1. Improve the Listening Environment

In addition to room conditions and dimensions creating their own acoustical constraints on sound reproduction, It is now widely recognised that everyday materials in the environment such as glass, wood, plastic and steel each have their own resonant qualities and when excited by sound, can have a deleterious impact on an individuals perception of sound quality. We supply a wide selection of effective products that address this negative impact, creating an enhanced listening environment, “putting the emotion back in the music”.

Stage 2. Improve the Mains Supply

It is extremely important to work towards achieving a clean mains supply. The first item to consider is the mains quality itself. Common & Differential mode noise, RFI, EMI, Airborne interference all need to be eliminated, without affecting musicality. Neglect this step at your peril. The Answer, is to install one of our high quality Mains blocks, Mains filters & Surge protector units. You will be greeted with a more transparent sound, macro and micro dynamic improvement and a deeper, tighter bass, and a more natural sound.

Next comes the replacement of the mains cable of your main source component, then all other components. Our mains cables have been selected to ensure they provide a perfectly balanced performance that will enhance any system at standard, mid-range or high-end level, typically creating a more detailed and natural sound with deeper, tighter bass.

Stage 3. Upgrade Interconnects & Speaker Cables

The market has an overwhelming array of cable designs on offer. From our 30 years of listening experience, we aim to provide only the cables that communicate the original sound. We can specify the appropriate high end cables that will compliment your system and enhance your listening experience. 

Stage 4. Improve the Support Structure

It is very important that structure borne vibration energy is controlled, and internally generated equipment vibrations are damped by the support structure. This will result in improved bass extension, speed and clarity. Our carefully selected product range will ensure your system achieves this goal.

Stage 5. Use Quality Accessories that work

Appropriate accessories provide the final musical enhancements and keep your system performing at its best. We supply only the most effective.

The End Goal

The result of following our 5 step process, "MUSICAL SYNERGY." This is when the result is greater than the sum of the parts. Musical synergy is created when things work in concert together to create an outcome that is of more value than the total of the individual inputs.

On a Personal Note

I’m pretty sure I was like most people into music and Hi Fi – I had the music, nice system components and was content to listen to everything through average, run of the mill cables.

So what changed my perspective? Well, I actually bothered to do some research and listen to some of the more esoteric cable brands. Result - A far more rewarding musical experience.
So why spend money on cables? They’re just bit of wire after all! Boy was I wrong. After many hours/days/months of research listening to some of the more well known brands available in the UK, I just wasn’t impressed with what I heard. Yes the more you spent, slightly more detail, a bit more bass, a slight improvement in sound staging, but just not worth the outlay. Even the supposed well recognised high end cable just couldn’t cut the mustard! Fast? Yes! Transparent? Yes! Thin? Yes! True to the original sound No!!! The Norse Gods just didn't have it!
Well, It was time to look further afield, surely there were manufacturers out there who put science before science fiction, who have spent many years researching and developing their products, but that we just don’t get to hear much about in the UK, due to dare I say, the sales & marketing machine of various companies and consumers buying into the marketing hype, only to be disappointed in the long term.
Following my experiences, I now like to consider cables in two separate groups.
1)The cables that have been mass produced in far eastern countries and re-badged for OEM international supply. We don’t like these!
2)The cables that have a solid research and design foundation for their being. We love these!

Cables based on the Science of Sound, Purist Audio Design Cables.  Measurably better cables, Analysis Plus Cables.  Cold fusion and Micro Arcing solutions, VooDoo Cables. Monocrystal technology, Ecosse Cables.Hand Made with dedication to quality Snake River Audio Reduced transient phase distortion, Black Rhodium Cables.
Of course, when it comes to equipment, at the price, you can’t beat the Electrocompaniet ECD2 DAC, or the widely acclaimed Bel Canto DAC2.7 with a superb pre-amp incorporated.

For a solid state amplifier with a single ended valve experience, try the Bel Canto REF600M's. Of course, the amazing Ming Da MD150's will thrill like no other.
A new and superb phono stage - The Nu-Vista NV06 from Audio Detail, what a performer!!! Packed with Nu-Vista valves.
We love the Oracle Paris CD Player. This baby just gets to the heart of the performance.
I’m sorry, but I’ve yet to hear a record deck that can beat the amazing ART AUDIO COMPOSER Turntable.

Speakers, say no more than Quadrals Chromium Style 8's superb all rounder, or Ophidians P3 Evolution's as a real high end performer.
Music is our main passion. Here are links to some of our favourite artists, without whom, all of the above would be futile! Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Coltrane et al!
                                                        Music with emotion ♥