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Charleston DCT++ CS

Charleston loudspeaker cable connects between the output terminals of a stereo audio amplifier and the input terminals of a pair of loudspeakers to play music through the loudspeakers.

Low colouration and extreme clarity from Charleston will give superlative sound quality to match the very best and most expensive music systems. Every music playing system will benefit from installing Charleston which is a highly effective upgrade in sound over lower priced cables.

Charleston is assembled by hand at the Black Rhodium factory in Derby using the finest quality components. Charleston loudspeaker cable has been designed by observing the scientific principles of the Laws of Physics.

These Laws demonstrate the effects that change the electrical current in a cable so that it distorts sound and ultimately limits your appreciation of the music.

Black Rhodium has applied several engineering techniques to limit these distortions to produce a cable that plays music beautifully.

How Charleston Sounds:

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'...perform flawlessly and are impeccably made.' - Hi-Fi World
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'...exceptionally good at coping with the more complex rhythmic structures and difficult tempo.' - Hi-Fi+
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Charleston DCT++ CS Loudspeaker Cables