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Creaktiv Handy Chip

Your mobile phone interferes more than you think!
Because not only is a wireless network created over the antenna but also the battery and smartphone technology build permanent physical radiation fields...even if your phone is switched off!
It directly affects your head and your health can be compromised.

Landmark ruling confirms health risk. You must read this!

These chips reduce the harmful electromagnetic effects of your phone by up to 90%. Stick the Gabriel-Chip directly to the battery or inside the battery cover. The chips are removable, re-useable and very long lasting.

Use with:-
    Mobile            Smartphone               iPhone

Scientific proof

A live TV demonstration!
Recorded parallel IR Thermography, HRV(heart rate variability) and iTronic produced for a television 
channel   and filmed as a live demonstration. During the observation time the phone was always set to the time announcement. 
One can impressively see from this example how the Chip effect obviously results in the reduction of the warming of the test subject during a mobile phone call (B); while also improving the HRV: 


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Creaktiv Handy Chip (RFI & EMI Eliminator)