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Creaktiv Systems Reference Support Hifi Racks

For those music lovers looking for some of the very best audio support systems which are available today then look no further than Creaktiv 's Systems extensive range of 'Reference' audio racks and hifi support systems

Creaktiv Systems strategy is a multi faceted approach to equipment isolation which includes vibration control / dissipation and "electrosmog" reduction and star-earthing system all utilising Gabriel Tech ci2p technology.

Within the Creaktiv Systens reference range of racks is a support system to suit all tastes, audio systems, equipment size and pockets. Each support system can be tailored to suit individual requirements even if you have a very difficult sized amplifier. Each audio rack can also be out fitted with Creaktiv "Ground 4 steps ahead Potential equalization cable" star earthing system which again contains ci2p technology. All these features add up to make one fo the very best sounding support systems available today.

From the "Little Reference" system right up to the mighty Big Reference Activ Plus Creaktiv Systems reference range of audio support systems, all of which delivers superb sonics paired with great German engineered build quality and design. The superb looking Creaktiv Systems reference racks have designed into their Reference range fo supports systems means there is a high end solution for virtually any application.


Creaktiv Systems

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