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14-06-20 Brian Arnot - VooDoo Iso-Pod Isolation Feet

Hello Stuart 

Just to let you know the Iso-Pods arrived last week and the effect under my dac/streamer/preamp is amazing. I’ve just placed another order of Iso-Pods to go under my power amp.



09-06-20 Lee Clarke - VooDoo Iso-Pod Isolation Feet

Hi Stuart,

Pods arrived today and are under my LS5/9s right now. Very happy. Thanks.

22-07-19 Jim Setterland - Townshend Audio Seismic Platform 

Hi Stuart
My thanks for the great service and excellent product.
About the only downside is my house is a mess because I spend all my time listening to vinyl.
XV-1S cartridge is just incredible with the added clarity & detail I’m getting. DynavectorMy Graham arm with the
My SME 309 arm was a little woolly in the bass & it’s now much tighter & cleaner.
Background is blacker & with that has come an increase in low level detail.
My turntable by itself was quiet in the groove but this has taken it up a notch. On good vinyl it’s dead quiet between songs & the inevitable little pops & ticks are much less noticeable.
The platform arrived in Canada in good time, setup was very easy & as for the improvement in sound quality I can say I’m very pleased.
Seismic platform for my SME 10 turntable. Townshend Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how I made out with the
Cheers Jim

24-06-19 Paul Swan - Electrocompaniet ECP2 Phono Stage 

Hi Stuart
I finally got to connect up my new phono preamp the afternoon. 
At this stage I am using an Ortfon 2M Black on my old Rega RP3. I have been using a Vincet Pho-8 phono stage. It has been very good. To be honest I did not expect too much of a change. But how wrong I was, another layer swept away in bringing me closer to the music. Startlingly so. At the start of “Goodbye Blue Sky” on Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, there is a little bird chirping before the voice of the child says “look Mummy, there’s an aeroplane up in the sky”. It was as though the little bird had hopped through my window as was sitting on top of my speakers. And the voices and music that followed had so much extra richness and depth, I could not believe it. The same improvements heard across the entire musical spectrum: treble, bass, male and female voice absolutely gorgeous. What a sheer delight!!

10-06-19 Paul Swan - Townshend Audio Isolda Speaker Cables

Hi Stuart
I am sitting here open mouthed listening to my hifi with the new Townshend cable. You said I would be impressed but I guess I did not expect how much different everything would sound. It is as though a veil has been lifted, and Diana Krall and her band moved from the room next door into the lounge with me. I cannot believe how much of a difference it has made. The transparency and sound staging are at a whole new level!! Wow….
And now the next track on “Turn up the quiet” by Diana Krall has just started – I am stunned at how good the cables are!! Thanks again.
Best wishes

08-05-19 Eliane Lust - Townshend Piano Isolators

Thanks Stuart,
The sound is heavenly - Hamburg Steinway plus that ceiling — too flattering!

23-04-19 Dave Roberts - Townshend fractal f1 Interconnects

Hi Stuart,

I've sent you a few text messages on their progress! All can say is they are sounding amazing, I really can't believe 
the difference they have made! Once again you have come up trumps!
Will speak to you on the phone soon!

12-03-19 Michael Gordon - VooDoo Dynasty Digital Powercord

Hi Stuart
Hope everything is good with you!
Six months ago I purchased a new Luxman SACD player, which I believe to be better than the dCS Puccini. The Dynasty Digital being used for the power and the sound is textured, great bass, large soundstage and very musical, all in all a bit special.
But when listening to the Brinkmann Bardot turntable, although sounding very good was still not on a par with the Luxman. So I replaced the Vector power cable with the Dynasty and could not believe the big jump this made, huge soundstage, everything bigger and bolder and totally clean along with better tone/texture.
How on earth such a transformation to a PSU (from a renowned manufacturer) whose job I thought was to 'just' ensure stable speed for the direct drive motor?
Incidentally the Phonostage is used with a Voodoo Electra.

10-10-18 Dave Roberts - Puritan Audio Labs PSM156 Mains Purifier

All Connected, Wow, Very Impressed!

24-08-18 Alan Graham - VooDoo Audio Stradivarius Amati Interconnects

Hi Stuart,
This is just to let you know that I posted the Townshend cables this afternoon via Royal Mail special
next day delivery so you should receive them tomorrow(Saturday) by 1.00pm at the latest.
Loving the VooDoo Amati cables the more I play them. Got some relatives visiting and they think 
they are amazing.
Best regards,

21-08-18 Paul Swan - Electrocompaniet ECM1 Network Streamer

Hi Stuart
All good now – I tried it all again and now have transferred my CDs. So glad I made AIFF copies. It sounds awesome!!!
Kind regards

10-06-18 Michael Gordon - VooDoo Amati interconnects and VooDoo Amati speaker cables.

Many thanks for your reply. I absolutely agree that Voodoo cables are exceptional. It is good that you will be getting them out to a wider audience and hopefully this will result in increased interest (and sales) across the UK. I would like to think that after 20 years of owning Nordost I know what to look out for.

10-06-18 Glynn Fuller - Sonneteer O
rton Amplifier

Hi Stuart Amp eventually arrived and now has about 25 hrs on it so it is still got a bit of running in to do. However I have already concluded that it is exceptional. I totally agree with the review on WIGWAMS website. It is very clean clear and detailed without in any way being clinical.Has PRAT that just is right for anything I have played so far and to top it off it is superbly musical it seems to give life to what it is playing and is easy and a joy to listen too. To paraphrase Wigwam I like it I like it a lot. Thank you for sending the invoice it got me out of a spot and thank you for your packaging of the amp I dont think it would have survived otherwise. This is an issue which SONNETEER should attend too their packaging is not strong enough for transport. Would scrap the end foam cheeks for a bottom and top total foam cover and possibly a double box which many now use. Thanking you very much for your service. Cheers. Glyn PS I should also add that the amp has space in spades much more than any tranny amp has any right to be (between you and me I think they must have a couple of tubes in their somewhere).

24-04-18 Ali Rattansi - Purist Audio Design Corvus Powercord

Hi Stuart
Hope all is well
The Furutech is excellent, every bit as good as the Corvus! Took a while to burn in. Just different flavours: the Furutech is faster and a tad more detailed, but does not have quite the same degree of warmth--it is more neutral. Best thing is having both: the F feeding the distribution block, the C on amps and sources--best of both worlds.

All the best

07-02-18 Jay Chen - Townshend Audio Seismic Podiums

Hello Stuart,I will tell you the podiums is an excellent product.
It is just my feeling,not for reference,and my English not very well,some description not correct maybe ,and welcome to rectify my questions.
In my listening myself,the podiums can make the bass and mild more warm and full(plump?),not thin ,and more musical ,of course the tweeter has more natural ,extension,
podiums can provide a stable stage for speaker ,then let the speaker is really working perfect without any unnecessary interferences from the floor and any concussions which the speaker Jar or shade by working itself.TownshendIt is very very impressed that how ever I turn the volume lound and lound with my preamp ,the sound stage is so quiet ,stable.the distortion of the speaker almost not be feel ,I means
at last.TownshendYes suspension isolation is very important,to my old B&W 801 LE ,I try many isolation products like BDR,Auralex Sounds anchor and so on...I am very very satisfied this product.
Thanks again

01-04-17 Dave Roberts - Regarding gradual system build up.

Anyway thanks for helping me in getting the sound i want...........Just glad i typed in to google " how to improve your hi fi sound" And up popped Mackenzie hi fi!!
even poorer quality recordings are sounding better!
Wow that i'm sure has improved the sound again...Even more from our last conversation,the Electro amp and the Ushers! Connected to new cable from amp to streamer and thenew power blockAs for the music set up with the

06-08-16 John Foley - Townshend Seismic Podiums

Podiums arrived three days ago. They worked well from the start by getting rid of the bass problems in the room and have since been a complete revelation. Everything the reviewers say about them is true.
Cheers John

15-02-16 Andrew Billings - Regarding Charisma MC1 Cartridge

Dear Stuart
Should have sent this earlier but thanks for the Charisma cartridge. It was probably the cart I was hoping you were going to to recommend if I was to push the boat out. This was down to the reviews I'd read that matched the acoustic signature tonearm with a Charisma cart. Whether the Ortofon blue or black would be as good or better, I've got no idea. I think I've got it set up properly after a lot of fiddling but, nothing to compare it to. Anyway, Nina Simone sounds like she's in my listening room through my Russell k 100's and that's all I can ask for.

Richard Taylor 09-02-16– Townshend Allegri Pre-Amp

I have just connected and briefly tried a few 'snippets' with all of the three inputs I use at the moment and can only say I am astonished - the performance is nothing short of superb. I have tried some 'Gare du Nord' via MC XX-2/Hadcock, Nick Drake via CDi and Leonard Cohen and Vivaldi FLACs from PC. All seems to work and it sounds incredible straight from the box. What's burning in all about? The Tisbury is a great bargain at its price but is left standing by the allegri (and so it should!).

Robert Mitchell 28-12-15– Townshend Podiums

Firstly, thank you for pulling out all the stops to ensure that I received the above before Christmas. In short, they are a revelation. Every aspect of reproduced music is improved. I am not a musician but I honestly believe in what I heard from the outset, which is (in no particular order)

To summarise, the audible improvements are across the entire range of reproduced sound, which is now a "much more open window", and are a huge credit to yourselves.

Tony Davis 08-12-15 -  Townshend Seismic Platforms
They really sound amazing in my system. The difference is enormous: more space, more details, more 'silence' and - most important - the music really happening. I put them in the end on level 3 since 4 was a little bit too much.
Especially when playing vinyl the music is magical. Voices and wind instruments are incredible. I am hearing things that I never heard before on records that I know very well.
So, in short, I am a happy man. Thank you!
27-02-15 Michael Richards - Regarding Voodoo Black Diamond Powercord

Dear Stuart,
Voodoo cable arrived safely installed immediately - sounded no better than the Russ Andrews Signature at first but it has been in for nearly two hours and is really beginning to blossom - lovely tight bass, good soundstage - quite an improvement in fact!  The treble has a precise crispness to it. 
I have the Black Diamond on my Vector CDP 7 CD Player (Valve)., which needs a little maintenance ( I had been using it on my multi disc player). The improvement in every aspect has been staggering. The keyword is realism and a huge improvement on what went before - Russ Andrews Signature - which I thought was pretty damn good.
Warmest bestMike

15-12-14 Lennart Nilsson - Regarding Townshend Audio Super-Tweeters
I just want to thank you again for the very nice reception and great coffee. Last night I started listening to the Super tweeters.
Cant speak highly enough and as for the interconnect it has transformed my system i'll be back for more. Wish all dealers were as honest as Stuart i'm a very happy man.

01-03-15 Rene Roks - Regarding Townshend Supertweeters

and took my interconnect as part ex.dem of this very expensive interconnect. Arrived special delivery next day. The rest is history bought it almost instantly as it is absolutely top class in every area worth every penny. Superb bloke to deal with, amazing prices, customer service, very honest, no pressure or rush with home demHaving never met or spoken to Stuart he offered me home

Hi Stuart
Platform arrived safely today, no problems setting it up. I`ve already got a platform under my CD player, turntable and speakers and the results have been brilliant. I didn`t think the platform would have as much effect on my amplifier, but It`s had the same effect as the other platforms.
Cheers Tony

05-06-15 Ben Chadwick - Regarding PAD Proteus Provectus Interconnects
Thank´s for the fast delivery. I ordered the goods the 10th of December,
and it was on my doorsteps this morning. Excellent! And it´s an amazing product. 
Easy to install, and it sounds beautiful in my system, making the soundstage incredible 
big with a lot of air, and it manages in some strange way, to get both dynamics and 
bass sounding better than ever. Nice! Thank you again and I wish you a Merry Christmas 
and a Happy New Year!

30-10-14 Ivor Geraghty - Regarding a Roksan Turntable Mat

I just wanted to give kudos to Stuart at Mackenzie Hi Fi for being such a nice helpful guy to deal with. A browse of his website shows some pretty tasty gear too! I should add that he also threw in a gift of Vinyl Passion Stylus Dust Buster because there had been some delay in getting the good to me. Given that Stuart hadn't charged postage in the first place I wasn't expecting next day delivery!
Anyway, it's always good to pass on a retailer was a pleasure to deal with even on small stuff like this.

17-05-14 Raymond Bill - Regarding the Shanling M3.1 Streamer

All that remains to say I am very lucky to have purchased the Shanling streamer which performs in excellent sound, and is very user friendly even my son commented it sounded a lot better than the previous one I had, more open sound and the bass & mid range are fantastic

08-01-14 Raymond Bill - Regarding an Electrocompaniet ECC1 CD Player

From the start the sound was superb very clear at all levels no grain in the instrumentals. Oscar Peterson had my feet tapping along with his renditions.I am positive Diana Krall was in our sitting room singing, the sound was that good.

05-12-13 Brian Judd - Regarding Snake River Audio Cotton'th Sig Bi-Wire Speaker Cables &  Interconnects
Stuart these SRA interconnects and signature bi wire cables are superb, bass solidity, tonality, timing, its all there. Instruments like sax are so organic, simply breathtaking! Allied to your fast friendly service here's one happy customer.

16-11-13 Lee Kindon - Regarding a Snake River Audio Cottonmouth Signature Powercord.

Great cable stuart , blew my old cable out the water !!  All the best , Lee.
20-09-13 Harley Lovegrove, Technical Director, Pearl Acoustics Ltd. - Regarding a Fidelity Audio Pre 120.

The Fidelity Audio pre-amp arrived today and I must say that it meets my requirements exactly. We are a high end, single driver loud speaker manufacturer and we wanted the simplest (purest) pre-amplifier we could find to prove to our customers in our showroom that there are no tricks or treats between our CD player and the power amp (Rogue Audio valve) and our speakers and this very reasonably priced tool does the trick.
Otherwise how can I prove that it is our speakers that are wonderful if I demo on systems costing tens of thousands of euros.  Fidelity Audio have proved to me that if you opt for simplicity you can get there on a sensible budget.
Great service - thank you

16-09-13 Andre Pallett - Regarding an Ariand Audio FV 34B Valve Amplifier

Just wanted to say that the amp arrived today in perfect condition and I couldn't be happier. I'm amazed at just how good it sounds!
Thanks again for your help and great service, I'll certainly recommend you in the future, just had a friend around who I strongly suspect might be making a similar purchase from you soon as he was frankly blown away!

11-09-13 Stefan Thunburg - Regarding Snake River Audio Mamushi Sig Speaker & Interconnect Cables.

Just wanted to let you know that the cables arrived today. Only been playing for a few hours yet but I already hear improvements over my old cables; a more detailed and richer, fuller sound with SRA so far. Looking forward to my next interconnect to complete the setup.
I also want to thank you for your excellent customer service. It´s been a pleasure doing business with you!

17-07-13 Douglas McAlpine - Regarding the Snake River Audio Mamushi Sig & Boomslang Digital Cable.

I've recently purchased the Boomslang cable and Mamushi interconnects...Got the cable thanks. It actually exceeds my expectations - it's noticeably improved the clarity of my system.
Just wanted to write in and let you know that they are phenomenal. I've burned a lot of money on my system (well a fair amount anyway) and there's been times when I've wanted to sell the lot and forget it. Cabling definitely matters. I am loving my system right now.

25-04-13 Bob Mitchell - Regarding a Townshend Allegri Pre-Amplifier.

Within a very short time, my first reactions were those of greater clarity, more energy/foot tapping urges, more sense of the interplay of the musicians and deeper, more defined bass.  I hooked up my AV system, via 0db "unity gain" control knob setting, as advised by Max, himself, and I gave the blu-ray of The Eagles Live at Melbourne concert an airing and was shocked by two facets.  Firstly, the energy and increased output/involvement in the side and rear speakers was just so utterly apparent and, secondly, on the track "You Belong To The City", the previous absence of bass playing in certain sections of the song was most evident (and was now most welcome).  Max sure has hit the bulls eye with this pre-amp and I bet that it will sing even more over the coming weeks (assuming that, typically, it will burn in....although am not sure if this will be the case).  Whatever, it is a great upgrade and my Linn Majik Kontrol is about to meet a new owner, I hope, on eBay, smile. Thank you, also, for a service that is second to none.

04-03-13 Mark Sturgis - Regarding the Formidable Townshend Audio Fractal F1 Interconnects.

I’ve been playing non-stop vinyl since getting the F1 cable and I think that when I do retire I may well go down the route of getting a Townshend Rock turntable.

23-12-12 Chris Burton  - Regarding a Custom Design B&W Zeppelin Stand

Hi, I received the above product on Friday and would like you to know how delighted I am, both with the stand and the exemplary customer service you provided to me. A 5 star item and 5 star service.
07-11-12 Steven Taylor - Regarding Townshend Excalibur 3 Tonearm and Fidelity Audio Mains Filter.

It's been a pleasure doing business with you, your customer service has been faultless.  I look forward to doing business with you in the future; I'm sure something will need upgrading at some point - it always does.

05-09-12. Carlos Pavia (BRAZIL) - Regarding an Electrocompaniet ECP-1 Phono Stage.

Stuart, You are the man! Thanks a lot! I hope next year I'll be in UK and I can hear nice things in your store.

30-08-12 Николай Махоркин - Regarding Logitech Squeezebox with level 2 upgrade

"Great seller, delivered to Russia in time, recommend to everybody."

15-08-12 Mathew Smithers - Regarding 2.5mtr pair Tellurium Q Ultra Black speaker cables and Ultra Black jumpers."

"As described, great comms and good despatch time given these are made to order.

18-07-12." Jamie Townsend - Regarding an Audio Origami Turntable bearing oil kit.

"Excellent product, really helpful and great to do business with."

15-07-12 Alexey, (the Russian Federation) – Regarding an Atacama Eris 4 shelf Hi Fi rack, bamboo shelves.

"Hassle-free. Item just as described, immediate shipment. Buy with confidence!"

11-07-12 - Cliff Millward – Regarding a Fidelity Audio HPA 100 headphone amplifier.

"Excellent service from Stuart and superb product. Recommended."

20-06-12 - Mr, V. Patel – Regarding a Tellurium Q USB Black Cable.

"Absolutely excellent, this USB. I keep buying from this guy at excellent prices."

02-05-12 - Tom & Catriona

Hello Stuart
"Just wanted to let you know how absolutely delighted we are with the Rothwell Phono Stage. We're really glad we took advantage of your special offer, as the Rothwell River Interconnect is superb. Thank you for being such a great seller to deal with." With Kindest Regards

02-04-12 David Mitchell – Regarding Audio Origami Phono Leads c/w Cardas Din Connector.

Fast delivery, friendly comms, thanks! Top quality item, thanks! 5*.