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 Maximum development of the Initial line turntable

 2 motors and 2 tonearm armboards

 Clamp, Glass Mat, HQ Power Supply and extra plinth are all included!

Finally, on customer demand we introduce the MAX version for the INITIAL deck, so those who need to accommodate second cartridge can use the same drive for doing it.  It shares specs with regular model but comes with the wider platform, additional tonearm base and second motor to make the system more stable and as close to the STANDARD Line as possible. At the same time The Black Anode finish had been introduced for the colour fans as an alternative offering to the silver paint. From that point on, the regular INITIAL deck can also be ordered in an Anode Black colour variant if someone prefers so. Arm boards are also included and will be cut to the specific demands to work with every tonearm on the market. Or custom adaptations are possible, just ask and tell Us what do You need.

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Technical Specification:

Platter weight [kg]: 4

Platter material: derlin

Material: aluminium, inox, cast iron

Bearing type: ceramic ball-inverted

Motor [pcs]: 2 DC

Belt: rubber

Rotation speed [rpm]: 33; 45

No. of tonearms: 0

Armboard: yes

Clamp: yes

Glass mat: yes

Power supply: yes

Dimensions with a plinth [mm]: 620 x 350 x 296

Extra Plinth itself: 18 KG, 620 x 350 x 75


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J. Sikora Initial Max turntable