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J.Sikora KV12″ is company’s first ever tonearm which made it to the final production stage. It is also the first ever tonearm with a wand made of aramid fibres. With Mr.Sikora approach it means a lot as he is the man who never owned any digital source, neither left the vinyl when the rest of the world did. Hence his standards and requirements, when it comes to the performance, are incredibly high. One can imagine that somebody like that tried to make things better many times before, having adequate skills and knowledge, and he did indeed. Long story short, if he didn’t decide to put it into production before there must have been a reason for that. Now we have it, we heard it and we did fall in love. Neither to say We never expected to hear the sound like that from the classic of the classics : Unipivot design. It just shows that if there is the wish strong enough there will be the way. We are far from writing pages of praises. It simply must be heard to be believed.

Extract from Hi Fi Knights review 2019:


I suspected as much already after my first listening session during the Audio Video Show in Warsaw, and spending few days with the prototype in my room confirmed it – the KV12 is an excellent performer. Yet, I was still wowed by the absolutely outstanding performance of the final version of the J.Sikora tonearm. I replaced one remarkable performer (Schroeder CB) with another, that was not that much more expensive, yet its positive impact on the performance of my system was huge. The Polish arm turned out to be more resolving, more dynamic, more accurate. It delivered better timing, more immediate and clearer attack phase and longer decay. It turned listening to almost every record into an engaging, truly soul-touching experience. Whether it was a classical jazz trio, rock band, or orchestra, the KV12 was able to convey the almost live-like energy of music, even the tiniest details captured in the recording, and also the wealth of emotions hidden between the notes. Long story short – the J.Sikora KV 12 Kevlar tonearm took my whole system to yet another level allowing me to enjoy my beloved music even more, in a more convincing, engaging, visceral, tangible way. And it did it better than any tonearm before it. Those who love beautiful objects will also appreciate the design, make and finish that are of absolutely top quality. The KV12 not only fully deserves our Victor Award, but I also plan to keep it in my system – it’s just way too good to let it go.

Technical specifications:

Bearing type: unipivot
Materials: aramid fibers, aluminum, bronze, cast iron, stainless steel
Oil damping: yes
Tube: conical (aramid fibers)
VTA regulation: yes
Azimuth: yes
Weight: 890g (+ armboard 140g)
VTA mass: 225g
Effective length: 304.8mm
Mounting distance: 291 mm
Effective mass: 13g
Wiring: monocrystalline silver from Albedo (especially for J.Sikora)
Available colors: natural yellow / varnished black matt
  • Brand:
    J. Sikora
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