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This amazing DAC is on permenant demonstration at Mackenzie hifi

Amber 4 DAC review link - Enjoy the July 22.

Amber 4  is by far our best entry level DAC ever, with 13 years of experience optimizing the old Level 4 to become Amber 1, 2 and eventually 3 and 4. It started shipping in March 01 2022 as a successor to Amber 3. 

Following our huge efforts to create the Baltic-3 and the Horizon DAC we gained enough knowhow and confidence to redesign the Amber DAC from ground up, and offer an entirely new product. Circa around November 25th 2021 we start testing Amber-4, while technical necessities caused us to phase out Amber-3 entirely in February 2022.

​It took a total redesign of the digital section.  It retains surprisingly a lot of the Baltic good qualities - pure, natural, effortless, spacious and super dynamic presentation worthy of at least twice as expensive product.

We also redesigned power supply, and chose completely new tube compliment - consisting of a ECC99 super tube as a  very low impedance output buffer amplifier, in a zero feedback, single ended triode mode, as well as 12AT7 as a  very low distortion input amplifier. This DAC, thanks to having output buffer - can drive particularly well the transistor amps.

We are very proud of this DAC, and the fact that at an entry level price we can outperform any competitor known to us. This DAC gives joy and bliss in spades.

Some other highlights are: copper output caps, CLC power filter with tube rectifier 6X5, true balanced option, volume control option, full analog preamp of very high quality, USB operation of the highest caliber, newly designed muting to avoid pops and clicks in computer operation, and many many more.

Amber-4 introduction:

The most popular line of Lampizator DACS just gotten better !

  • Completely redesigned digital engine code #198

  • New analog section with improved tube output loosely based on Baltic3

  • New power transformer and linear power supplies

  • New True Copper output capacitors, same as in the Golden Gate 2

  • New “JL usb card” as standard now

​More musical than ever,  Free of any artifacts,  very direct, liquid and fast sound with improved transparency and detail.

​in design of the new digital engine #198 we managed to squeeze the last drop of musicality from PCM and DSD files at the expense of DSD being limited to 256X only. No 512 - which nobody uses anyway - but making this change was was well worth it ! Maybe we don't have DSD512x now, but who cares when the new 256x sounds better than the 512 before.
To reach to 512X you have to aim for the  Big7Mk2 , Golden Gate2 or Pacific DAC.

​Some facts about Amber-4: 

  • It is a better DAC than Amber-3.

  • Refreshed and updated DAC for 2022, not a mere  face lift

  • Only the footers remain unchanged versus Amber-3.

  • Many new, attractive colour customisations

  • 4 digital input types instead of 3

4 main variants -

  • Single Ended RCA , no preamp/volume

  • Single Ended RCA , WITH preamp/volume

  • Fully Balanced & Single Ended RCA , no preamp/volume

  • Fully Balanced & Single Ended RCA , WITH  preamp/volume

  • New OLED display, no more LCD (taken from the Pacific project)

  • Software driven signal routing, no more relays

  • Total muting to keep switching noises down

  • Plays every digital file known

  • no drivers needed for any computer operating system

  • Volume control models have one analog input for analog sources (active input with tubes and volume)

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