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LAT International DI-30 Signature Digital Interconnect

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 A State of the Art Digital Interconnect

The DI-30 Signature is our newly developed top of the line digital interconnect. It is available in true 75 ohm and 110 ohm configurations. To order the 75 ohm version, choose RCA connectors.(these will be Eichmann Cu Bullet plugs and not standard RCA connectors as shown in image) To order the 110 ohm version, choose XLR connectors. These cables carry digital data only, not analog. You must have digital input and output jacks between your equipment to use this cable.

The copper used in this cable is Single Crystal Continuous Cast Copper. It has unique physical and chemical properties, such as considerably longer granules with absolute absence of gaseous impurities such as oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. It is free from impurities (up to 99.99998% pure copper). It is far better than continuous cast Oxygen Free High Conductivity wire (OFHC).

Our Silverfuse production process (see our description of Silverfuse conductor material further below) is also repeated here and enhanced with Deep Emersion Cryogenic Processing. All of these features make the pure SCCC/Silverfuse Premium copper the state-of-the art conductor material for this cable.
The DI-30 Signature has multiple conductors that are solid core, and individually insulated with a version of Teflon (which we modify to our specifications); resulting in the best insulation available. This cable excels in a number of areas; most prevalent are the outstanding dynamics, focus, inner detail, and harmonic accuracy – and most important, it is enjoyably musical! These improvements are attributable to new design/construction developments. Specifically; the weaving geometry is done with a planetary cabler. This weaving machine allows engineers more freedom in designing more complex and more effective weaving geometries.

Additionally, we use PTFE Teflon in most all of our cables; however, the insulation we are using for this new cable, while it is purchased as PTFE Teflon, we are modifying it during the wire manufacturing process. Our modification to the PTFE Teflon insulation allows for substantial reduction of the signal discharge back into the metal conductor. Explanation: All insulations covering a metal wire will absorb a portion of the signal as it flows through the metal wire. That signal will discharge back into the metal wire, although it is delayed by a small fraction of time. This discharge back smears the real time signal that is passing through resulting in small but discernable distortion. See customer reviews at audio review. We have developed a shielding system that is completely independent of the signal carrying conductors. This ensures that no RF or EMI gets into the signal – dead quiet background.

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