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My Sonic Lab - Hyper Eminent Low Impedance Moving Coil Cartridge

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MY SONIC LAB announced "Eminent" in the Fall of 2003 and debuted as a MC Cartridge maker.
The internal impedance:1.8Ω/ output voltage 0.5mV was revolutionary and World's first high efficiency design cartridge.
This is basic principle of power in MC cartridge and also the ideal form.
How can we further improve its ability? Improving sound quality are demand we receive as cartridge builder.

To obtain further perfection from knowledge gained from our 1st cartridge Eminent,our goal on Hyper Eminent was to further pursue the cartridge base vibration and suspension mechanism vibration. 
The base portion utilizes high hardness extra super duralumin (A7075), and to eliminate the resonance characteristic, a surface hardening process are taken to further strengthen the effect. However, this material, originally made for aircraft , are emphasis on material strength and not ideal for plating. Surface treatments are difficult with extremely low yeild rate (non-defective rate) but to obtain the sound quality of Hyper Eminent, other treatment methods was not possible. This resulted in a high priced product but together with a introduction of unique ion hardening process, over Hv1500 surface hardness was achieved.
Hyper Eminent MC Cartridge Specification
Type : Low impedance MC phono cartridge 
: Hyper Eminent - Stereo
Output Voltage : 0.5mV @ 1kHz
Internal Impedance : 1.8 Ω (DCR)
Frequency response : 10Hz - 50kHz
Stylus Force : 1.9 - 2.2g
Stylus Tip : SemiLine Contact (3µm x 30µm)
Weight : 9.5g
Recommended set-up
Installing the Cartridge
Industrial standards recommend that the distance from the stylus tip to the head shell reference plane be 50 mm. Installing at a distance of 50mm +/- 2.0mm to prevent any serious overhang or tracking error
Stylus Force
My Sonic Lab Eminent MC Cartridge has a relatively high compliance design and normal stylus force should be approximately 2.0g (between 1.9 and 2.2g)
Tone Arm
The cartridge is subject to high level of vibrations when reproducing the full range of dynamic signals, so your tonearm needs to be well balanced and mechanically strong while offering smooth operations. Choose a tonearm that has ordinary structrure, strong contruction, reliable contacts rather than one that boasts a complex mechanism or uses special materials. This applies also to the head shell.
Step Up Ratio
Hyper Eminent MC Cartridge is very unusual in offering extremely low impedance and high energy output. This makes it ideal to use in amplification circuits with a high-quality (low internal loss) low impedance step-up transformer (STAGE 302). However, if you are using a high gain amp or MC head amp, set load resistance in the range of 100 to 800Ωs (ideal is around 400Ωs). The lower the load resistance, the lower the cartridge output energy being negatively affected by the resistance and thus making it difficult to obtain the full effect of the low impedance MC cartridge.
A turntable produces rotaional motion, so it is important to choose one with a drive motor and mechanism that reduce vibrations adequately. The turntable should also be well isolated from floor vibrations. The turntable and tonearm should always be in balance so that they act in unison, and the tonearm should be isolated (floated) from drive motor vibrations and the drive motor grounding. If you are planning on purchasing a turntable without such design, choose one that offers minimal motor vibrations and is well insulated from external vibrations.
Cleaning the Stylus Tip
The Eminent comes with a special stylus cleaning brush. Be sure to pass the brush hairs over the stylus tip only in the direction of the record. (from terminal toward the stylus). NEVER brush in the opposite direction .
Cleaning Records
Use a high quality record cleaner to clean your records. Sprays and liquid type cleaner should be avoided. If used, make sure the record surface AND grooves dry completely before playing.
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