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Important Update: This product is not currently available. It will be superseded by the MK11 version which will be on sale from 1st week in May 2024.

             Network Acoustics ENO USB Cable III

Eno USB Cable lll Review by Jason Kennedy - EAR Magazine 15th Feb 2022

The ENO USB Cable III delivers exceptional levels of detail and realism, in a natural, effortless presentation, completely devoid from digital artefact's and harshness.  It is a USB cable capable or bringing the best out of any Streaming device and DAC it connects and will transform the music you hear. A USB Cable made with high
purity UP-OCC conductors.Individually screened 5V line. Isolated 5V, 0V line and Data lines design

With ENO USB Cable III we have taken the USB protocol originally designed for computing and extensively optimised every element of its design and construction exclusively for the reproduction of audio. We rigorously researched and tested the best materials and construction techniques for the conductors and developed bespoke dielectrics and shielding structures for each of the Data, Ground and Power lines, which we then physically separated and isolated from each other. The resulting ENO USB Cable III represents the very best sounding USB audio cable we can make.

“Switching from my previous USB lead to ENO USB was a big ‘WOW’ moment, it is in another league by comparison” – John R New York City, US


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Network Acoustics ENO USB Cable III