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Network Acoustics Muon PRO Streaming System

Originally developed as a special-order product for our studio/mastering engineer customers, the muon pro Streaming System by Network Acoustics is now available to home audio customers who need an ethernet connection speed up to 1 Gb/s.

Building on the reference level of performance provided by the standard 100 Mb/s version, using the muon pro Streaming System you will hear even more of what your streamer and DAC are capable of. Not only does the staging depth and height increase in scale, but more remarkably, the clarity of tone, detail retrieval, layer separation and texturing are all further improved, allowing you to hear every nuance of voices and instruments, all with a sense of easy flowing realism and top-to-bottom coherency.

The muon pro Streaming System includes an Ethernet Filter and a Streaming Cable (1.50 metre length as standard, longer lengths available)


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Network Acoustics Muon PRO Streaming System