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Priced per pair - The NN Z are made to order and is designed to connect across your speaker terminals. They work by filtering away high frequency hash that is picked up via the speaker wire, internal speaker wiring and also created by the speaker coils themselves.

The NN Z helps deliver a three dimensional image and offers a darker background along with a much lower noise floor.

Typically expect -

  • Wider stereo imaging
  • Better Instrument separation
  • Less midrange muddle
  • Better tonality

* Note - All systems do react differently to filters, therefore, results may vary. We all have different amounts of noise and at different frequencies. The more noise you have the bigger the impact the filter will have.

* Please allow a burn in period of at least 100 hours


Spec -

  • 6 poles of articulation ranging from 60 hz to 5.4 Mhz
  • Fitted with RFI / EMI absorbing technology
  • Pcb damped to eliminate vibration effecting components
  • High quality audio grade parts
  • High quality silver plated oxygen free copper cable (OFCC) with PTFE insulation
  • *Gold plated beryllium copper 4mm stackable Banana plugs
  • *Gold plated Spade terminal (8.5mm wide fork)
  • Can be fitted at the amplifier end also
  • 53mm x 37mm x 23mm

Fitting instructions -

  • Simply connect the NN Z to the 4mm binding posts at the rear of your speakers.
  • If using banana plugs insert into the NN Z bananas so they are stacked


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