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The Alabaster has been described as, 'The best amplifier ever made' by members of the audio press and we at Sonneteer have spent many an hour, week, month, trying to live up to the high standards we have set with these products.

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Citing some of those magazine quotes relating to the Sonneteer Alabaster amplifier 'I suddenly remembered I was supposed to be reviewing the amp rather than sitting there transfixed'. 'Any damn fool can just play a tune and get it over with, but the best like the Alabaster, does more than that, its a ballet dancer that can't be fazed by anything' .'Which is even more transparent in the mid-range than the Campion'. 'That was fairly special in its own right!'

The Sonneteer Alabaster is one of those great amplifiers that allows the music to flow naturally without any artificial enhancements or additives, it just conveys the musical message without fuss or hindrance.


  • Esoteric designs, in the true British tradition of hifi amplification
  • 55watts into 8ohm
  • 100watts into 4ohms
  • 5 inputs @ 10kohms and 1 x line level output(fixed)
  • Now with one input dedicated to Moving Magnet phono (for record players) as standard.
  • Purist, straight to volume, direct inputs
  • Solid Steel and Aluminium, low resonance chassis
  • 300VA power supply capable of feeding hungry loudspeaker loads.
  • Full range volume control with exceptional left to right channel tracking (balance) at low volume levels as well as high.
Alabaster Type Solid state Class A/B Integrated, stereo amplifier. Power 55watts @ 8Ω 100watts @ 4Ω inputs 4 line, 2 passive,2 active 1 MM phono stage Sensitivity 350mV/160mV outputs 1 line,2 loudspeaker. HxWxD 80x434x280mm Weight 12Kg 



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Sonneteer Alabaster Integrated Amplifier