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    The history of hORNS brand is connected with love to unusual sound and non-standard design. As a music lover, I have been looking for my sound for many years. Understanding the importance of individual approaching and continuous searching for new solutions found its vent in events in 2006. During searching for an ideal equipment to my space and my requirements, I realised that finding A proper set is nowadays a great challenge. Set, which would live up to all my needs and, of course, would be affordable.
    My professional experience, which has been gained since the year 2000, connected with creating products made of various materials, inspired my imagination to an unusual, new brand. Brand, which, thanks to its new features and so far rarely used materials, would let obtain still unknown abilities of sound. It was the beginning of the first loudhailers and next loudhailers systems by hORNS.

The hORNS Universum Loudspeakers:

An advanced 3-way horn loaded speaker adopting JMLC228 medium horn and JMLC-1500 high frequency horn. Premium drivers used are coming from Radian and are optimised to work in the best way in this design. Mid-range driver uses Beryllium diaphragm and tweeter one use a polyester diaphragm. Bass enclosure is of a periodic vent type with actively driven 15” woofer. This construction is adjusted to give a smooth, relaxed sound with lowest distortion possible even at the driver resonant frequency – thanks to JMLC horn contour. This design shows its best when is used with bi- or tri amping set up. Please have a look at the excellent Steroplay magazine review below.


*Various finishes are available for the main body and horns, please discuss with us your required finish.


Way 3
Woofer/midwoofer 1×15”
High range 1×1” 1×1” Beryllium
Middle range 1×2” Beryllium
Crossover 12dB
Box 140 l
Sensitivity 100 dB
Frequency range 30-23000 Hz
Impedance 8 Ohm
Terminal Double wire
Box dimensions 1090x1638x630 [mm]
Weight of speaker 130 kg


hORNS Loudspeakers

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Universum MK4 hORNS Loudspeakers