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In our opinion, the Waltz speaker cables manage to potray an honest neutrality that's quite often missing from other cables. A straight wire, no such thing, but the Waltz gets damn close.

Waltz S

Waltz S connects your amplifier to your loudspeakers and lets you enjoy very clean and clear sound free of distortions. 

Available in 3 metre and 5 metre lengths

Design of the new Waltz S is based very closely on enhancing the sound of Quickstep S. What Quickstep S does well, Waltz S goes better.

'...enhancements have been added. Worth a listen.'
- Martin Pipe - Hi-Fi World

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Internally Waltz S uses a Black Rhodium winner of a national magazine ‘Loudspeaker Cable of the Year’ award, further enhanced by use of an effective metal screen to reduce external interference. It is covered by an attractive braid that is effective in damping micro vibrations in the cable that can reduce clarity.

Waltz S if fitted with Graham Nalty GN1 loudspeaker plugs. Plated in rhodium and featuring a single line connection with the socket, GN1 plugs are possibly the best speaker plugs for sound quality we know.

Black Rhodium designs, manufactures and distributes high quality Audio and visual cables. We are located in Derby in the UK Midlands.

Formed in 2002 by Graham Nalty as a continuation of his many years of design experience in the Hi-Fi industry.

We have become synonymous with very high quality reproduction of music in the home and have many testimonials from customers to support.

Black Rhodium is well known for its innovation in cable design covering many technologies in order to bring you, our customer, closer to your music.

All cables obey the Laws of Physics

From our extensive research into the design of audio cables over many years we have found that the Laws of Physics fully explain why it is easy to hear big differences in sound quality between different audio cables.

By understanding the Laws of Physics we have been able to develop proven engineering solutions to minimise these effects on the delicate electrical signals that deliver your music from source to speakers. 

Innovative Solutions

We have identified many innovative designs that significantly reduce the sonic effects of molecular geometry, dielectric absorption, electric and magnetic energy fields, mechanical vibration and microphony in ways that deliver the best possible quality of music.

These include special Deep Cryogenic Treatments of conductors and connectors,  Vibration Stabilisers, cable twisting, and special quality control processes to maintain the integrity of drawn wire direction.

Listening to Music

We test all our cables very carefully by listening to music. We examine the effects of everything we test on the quality of the music we hear. We learn.

Then we think very carefully about what we have learned, what it really means to sound quality and how we can get to the next step. And test again.

Perfection is never possible, nor is it easy. Just a step nearer each time.


Black Rhodium

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